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    A form of individual car advertisement made on a thick (1 mm) magnetic mat with the magnetic field increased to 0.039kg/cm.

    A special UV laminate protects the print from scratches and fading, maintaining its high quality.

    Magnetic mats do not lead to car paint fading, as opposed to standard stickers.

    The price listed is for advertising car magnets made in accordance with your individual design.

    We can help you prepare the graphic design and offer professional visualisation services.


    Magnetic mat for CB aerials. The material comes from a Polish manufacturer and is made of a thick and sturdy material resistant to atmospheric conditions. By using the mat you protect the car paint from scratches and you extend the lifespan of the aerial stand. If you did not find a suitable size, please contact our office.


    A set of promotional magnets with individualized, full-coloured print.

    Magnets are fun promotional gadgets that once placed in a visible place (e.g. fridge) remind potential customers about your company for a very long time.

    We can help you create the print design you want. Because we’re the manufacturer, we can create any print in all shapes and sizes – your imagination is the only limit. Contact our office and we will make an initial project draft and estimate the overall costs.


    Decorative magnets are the perfect solution , if you wish to preserve your memories, place pictures of your close ones in a visible place or decorate your interiors with prints of your own choosing. The magnets can be attached to a fridge, board or other metallic surfaces. Solid and eye-pleasing workmanship, highest-quality digital print and interesting patterns are the distinguishing features of our products. For a personalised project, please contact our office.

    The set is 42 cm x 59 cm (A2 format) in size.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 122 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 122 items